About Us

We are Country Care Doodles, a small in home breeder of Cavadoodles (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel X Miniature Poodle) and F1B Goldendoodles (Goldendoodle X Standard Poodle).  Starting out as a purebred Cavalier breeder, we have migrated to the "Designer Doodles" with their hybrid vigor and fun personalities. Splashes of white on our Doodles is the name of the game.  Doodles make awesome family companions who are both patient and loyal.

The Cavalier sire of our Cavadoodles is Wyatt.  Wyatt is a CKC registered, healthy, tri-color (black and white with brown highlights) with an outgoing, happy, personality. This handsome little man, with his German lineage, stands 14 inches at the shoulder and weighs 17 lbs.  Cavaliers are suitable pets for all life stages from single couples and young families to empty nesters and the elderly.  The greatest companions ever.

Miniature Poodle sire of our Cavadoodles is either Fielder or Camo.  Fielder is an apricot and Camo a light sable. Fielder is quiet and sensible and gives us calm puppies. He is a solid 15 lbs. Camo is more of an extrovert and is playful, outgoing and oh so loveable. He is 12 lbs.

Dually is our main F1 Goldendoodle sire.  A small F1 Goldendoodle (American Golden Retriever x Moyen Poodle), dark apricot in color, standing 17 inches at the shoulder and weighing in at 38 lbs.  This boy looks and and acts like a golden comfort retriever, but with a curly, soft, poodle coat.  Dually is producing awesome, sensible, Miniature F1B Goldendoodles!!!


Our youngest F1 Goldendoodle is Rebel (English Cream Golden Retriever x Miniature Poodle).  Rebel weighs in at 38 lbs, is very outgoing and social. Not proven.