Cavadoodle Moms

Mouse is our Miniature Poodle mom.  She is red in color and is a sensible and happy little dog.  Always at your heal and anticipating your next move. This little lady is very intuitive and is always on hand to teach the young pups the ropes.  Mouse fits in where ever she goes, figuring out the routine quickly and falling right into line.  Very sweet and uncomplicated.
We have several CKC registered, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel moms.  All are healthy, adorable and ready to be your constant companion.  Cavaliers are kind, gentle and the easiest dog you will ever own. Not yappy like most small dogs, they are a large dog mentality in a small dog body. These dogs are as sweet as they look, don't bite and are suitable for all life stages.  Oh, did I mention that they require very little exercise and little grooming.  Easy, easy dogs to have around.