F1B Goldendoodles

F1B Goldendoodles are a "Designer Breed".  The term designer breed is used to describe the offspring of two purebred dogs of different breeds, that were selected to produce a planned outcome.  This is usually done to improve health (hybrid vigor), personality and to produce a low shedding or non shedding coat.

F1B Goldendoodles are the result of breeding a first generation Goldendoodle (F1), back to a standard poodle.  This gives you a 1/4 retriever and 3/4 poodle mix.  These dogs are non shedding and much easier to train the either the Golden Retriever or the first generation, F1, Goldendoodle.  Loyal and fun loving, the F1B is the perfect combination!!!

Our older Goldendoodle sire, Charlie, is the first of us to greet you when you arrive.  His job is to bark to let us know you are here, never have to worry about him biting and once you pet him, you can't get rid of him.  Charlie is cream in color and the larger of our Goldendoodle sires, standing 20 inches at the shoulder and weighing in at 50 lbs. This boy has lived with us his whole life, has been extremely healthy and is my constant companion at the horse barn where he does his best to make sure those big animals don't hurt his mom.

Dually is our youngest Goldendoodle sire.  Now a proven stud, Dually is a small Goldendoodle, dark apricot in color, standing 17 inches at the shoulder and weighing in at 25 lbs.  This boy looks and and acts like a golden comfort retriever, but with a curly, soft, poodle coat.  Dually is producing awesome, miniature, F1B Goldendoodles!!!

Ruby & Dually's Litter of nine.

Ruby & Dually's Litter of nine.